Lower School

    Friends Café

    Friends Café runs our full-service cafeteria in the middle/upper school building and can provide beverages and meals for lower school students. To see (and sample!) some of our menu items for lower school, please stop by our “food show” during lower school orientation day, Menus for both campuses are available on the web site.

    Organic Foods
    The Café has integrated organic fruits and vegetables into the menu, using organic and all natural ingredients whenever possible, and teaching students about the health and environmental benefits of the buy-local program. The Café also purchases additional organic products from Albert Organics in New Jersey.

    For snacks, Friends Café uses the 35/10/35 “Fit Pick” criteria, so all packaged snacks will have fewer than 35% of calories from fat, fewer than 10% of calories from saturated fat, and fewer than 35% of calories from sugar. We are also offering more reduced-sugar drinks and are limiting the number of high-sugar and high-fat desserts.

    Choices for Lower School Students
    The Friends Café can provide beverages and lunches delivered to the classroom for lower school students.  Lunch contracts include a variety of hot and cold lunches, and all contract lunches include a beverage. Beverages are delivered all 5 days of the week, and lunches are available every day except Wednesday when we offer pizza (for an additional charge). Students may sign up for a 2-day or 4-day lunch contract. Students sign up separately for pizza on Wednesday.

    For lunches, you may elect to pay once at the beginning of the school year or in two installments. Pizza and beverage contracts are billed in one installment. After the initial August sign-up, beverage and pizza choices may be changed during the months of September and January only. You may change your lunch contract at any time.

    A note about Pizza Wednesdays: The full-year prices, which you will see on the lower school form, have been discounted by three weeks to account for possible absences. You do not have to be on pizza contract in order to purchase pizza. Simply send in $2 per slice any Wednesday you wish. The money raised by pizza sales helps to support the 5th grade trip to the Chesapeake Bay.

    Lower School “Good 4 You” Cart
    Friends is pleased to offer the “good for you” cart, featuring a variety of healthy snacks and fruit that will be available for purchase by 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  All snacks will meet our “Fit Pick” healthy criteria. The students will go to a designated location in the building to purchase the snacks during a mid-morning break on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. All students will be able to charge snacks using a four-digit ID code (which 5th graders in ASP can also use on the middle/upper school campus for ASP snacks; please see description below under “middle and upper school students”). We will not be able to accept cash. All 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will be allowed to charge; however, if you do not want your child to participate in the snack program, please contact Amy Ferris at aferris@wilmingtonfriends.org.

    Middle and Upper School Students
    All middle and upper school students (and 3rd, 4th and 5th graders) are automatically enrolled in the Friends Café charge system. Students use an assigned number, verified at checkout, to charge beverages, snacks, and lunch. We encourage middle/upper school families to set and discuss a monthly budget for café charges and to monitor that budget together. The charges appear on your monthly statement, and you are also able to monitor café charges (both amounts and items) online. To set up online account access, please e-mail Todd Tyler at ttyler@wilmingtonfriends.org.

    You do have the option of opting out of the middle/upper school café charge system, meaning that your child will have to use cash for any purchases. We offer but do not encourage this option because we hope to limit the occasions for students to have cash at school and because cash purchases slow down the café line, giving students less time to eat.

    You also have the option of setting an electronic limit for monthly café purchases. Again, we offer but do not encourage this option because it seems more appropriate—educationally and practically—for parents and students to work together at home on budgeting. It can be awkward for staff to enforce limits in the public setting and awkward for students to have to put food back if they do not have cash to cover a purchase that exceeds their monthly limits.

    To opt out or set a spending limit, please use the online form provided in the August Mailing. We're sorry, but limits cannot be set for the snack program. 

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