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    To read about our Head of School, Ken Aldridge, please click here.


    For general information, or if you are unsure of which office to contact:


    Wilmington Friends School
    101 School Road
    Wilmington, DE 19803



    If you know the name of the person you would like to reach at school, please refer to our Faculty/Staff online directory, which includes email and phone contact information.


    For current job openings/contact information, please click for the Employment Opportunities page.

    Click here to view a current listing of Faculty, Administration, Staff and Trustees (does not include contact information).


    Click or scroll for contact information/email links:

    Academic Department/IB Chairs

    Admissions and Financial Aid

    After-School Program

    Alumni/Development Office & Archives

    Athletics/Athletic Trainer

    Business Office/Rentals

    College Guidance Office


    Head of School's Office

    Lower School Administrative Offices

    Middle School Administrative Offices

    Upper School Administrative Offices

    QUEST Center



    Academic Department Chairs

    English: Jake Rashkind
    Foreign Languages: Bradey Bulk
    History/Social Science: Scott Clothier
    International Baccalaureate Programme: Michael Benner
    Mathematics: Sarah Stock Patterson
    Performing Arts: Sara Gaines
    Physical Education: Mike McKenzie
    Science: Mark Schmittle
    Visual Arts: Teal Rickerman


    Admissions and Financial Aid - 302.576.2930



    Melissa Brown, Acting Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
    Theresa Conaty, Admissions Associate
    Trish Kocher, Administrative Assistant, Office of Admissions and Financial Aid


    After-School Program - 302.576.2965

    Kimberly Knight, Director of After-School Program
    Lynese Spinelli, Associate Director of After-School Program


    Alumni/Development & Archives - 302.576.2975

    Chad O'Kane, Director of Development
    Tina DiSabatino, Director of Alumni Programs and Giving
    Sarah Driscoll, Director of Annual Fund
    Stacy Gatti, Special Events Coordinator

    Terence Maguire, Archivist (302.576.6933)
    Lisa Peyton-McNeill
    , Database Manager
    Cat Wiedwald Stenta '96, Administrative and Operational Assistant


    Athletics - 302.576.2937

    Online Sports Schedule

    Dick Kittle, Director of Athletics

    Jeff Ransom, Assistant Director of Athletics
    Devon Adams, Athletic Trainer 


    Business Office/Rentals - 302.576.2940

    William Baczkowski, Associate Head of School for Finance and Operations
    William Brown, Associate, Business Office (student billing contact)
    Raymond Carbone, Director of Facilities
    Deborah McCall, Administrative Assistant, Business Office (NOTE: RENTALS CONTACT)
    Bill Miller, Superintendent of Grounds
    Lesley Dennis Tryon '71
    , Director of Accounting and Benefits


    College Guidance Office - 302.576.2923

    Kathleen Martin, Director of College Guidance
    Jessica Smith, College Counselor
    Lauryn Satterfield, Registrar and Administrative Assistant, College Guidance


    Communications & Marketing/Press - 302.576.2978

    Tracey Quillen Carney '80, Director of Communications
    Susan Morovati Finizio '87, Strategic Marketing Manager


    Head of School's Office - 302.576.2909

    Ken Aldridge, Head of School

    Ann Cole, Assistant to the Head of School


    Lower School Office - 302.576.2950

    Julie Boswell McCulloch '89 and Lynne Nathan, Receptionists
    To report absences/changes in attendance: LSattendance@wilmingtonfriends.org

    Annette Hearing, Head of Lower School
    Linda Beard, Administrative Assistant, Lower School
    Stephanie Gramiak, Lower School Nurse
    Kate McCarron, Lower School Library Media Center
    Julie Rodowsky, Assistant Head of Lower School


    Middle School Office - 302.576.2908

    To report absences/changes in attendance: MSattendance@wilmingtonfriends.org

    Jonathan Huxtable, Head of Middle School
    Margot Johnson, Administrative Assistant, Middle School
    Kathryn Hendrix, Middle/Upper School Library Media Center
    Karen Melnick, Middle/Upper School Nurse
    Helen Thompson, Middle School Dean for Student Life


    Upper School Office - 302.576.1285

    To report absences/changes in attendance: USattendance@wilmingtonfriends.org

    Rebecca Zug, Head of Upper School
    Kathryn Hendrix, Middle/Upper School Library Media Center
    Sinead Horan, Administrative Assistant, Upper School
    Karen Melnick, Middle/Upper School Nurse
    Lynn Puritz-Fine
    , Upper School Dean for Students

    QUEST Center (Quaker Center for Understanding, Engagement, and Stewardship)

       Michael Benner, Assistant Head of School for Academics


    Technology - 302.576.2991

    Gregg Miller, Director of Technology

    Wilmington Friends School
    101 School Road, Wilmington, DE 19803