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    Global Education


    Globe used to teach world geography at Friends in the 19th Century - believed to be the first classroom globe ever used in Delaware. Friends is also the first IB, School Year Abroad, and Green Schools Alliance member school in Delaware, and the state's first and only Malone Scholars School.


    Global learning at Friends includes signature programs--the International Baccalaureate (IB); School Year Abroad (SYA);  three modern languages, including an interdivisional Chinese program; and Singapore Math ("Math in Focus"), grades K-6. Language study begins in pre-kindergarten (Spanish).


    More broadly and fundamentally, global education at Friends teaches students to engage complex issues intellectually and in action, in and outside of the classroom, with a sense of confidence and responsibility.


    We recognize that the careers our students will pursue may not even exist yet, and the program at Friends is designed to prepare students for whatever the future brings.


    • Friends students learn the skills and habits of mind to be lifelong learners who communicate, act, and lead effectively.
    • They learn how to listen and how to work with people of different points of view.
    • And they learn that the faster the world changes, the more important their own foundation of values and ethics becomes.

    Friends was the first school in Delaware authorized to offer the IB, recognized around the world as one of the highest standards—indeed, it is often recognized as the highest standard—in college preparatory education.


    Additional global education programs, including School Year Abroad and international service learning programs, are coordinated at Friends through the Quaker Center for Understanding, Engagement, and Stewardship (QUEST).

    Wilmington Friends School
    101 School Road, Wilmington, DE 19803